Representation in Cleveland, Ohio

If you are seeking to immigrate to the United States from the Middle East our legal team at Jonathan A. Bartell, Attorney with Margaret W. Wong & Associates can assist you. We are highly skilled immigration lawyers with a great deal of knowledge and experience in working with the U.S. immigration authorities on behalf of our clients from the Middle East. Whether you are seeking citizenship, a work opportunity in the U.S., are seeking a fiancée visa, a treaty trader visa or any other immigration legal matter, we have the experience you need on your side.

Some individuals that have faced persecution have the right to ask for asylum. There are others who want to study at a U.S. university or college, need special training, or want to seek employment in a specific industry that needs more skilled workers. Every year, immigration laws are amended, and it is vital that your attorney is up-to-date on all recent changes, as these could impact your ability to enter the U.S. legally, or there could be new opportunities for you. We are committed to serving our clients with personal care and attention, and in helping them to achieve their objectives with regard to immigrating to the U.S.

Visas, Green Cards, Citizenship, Employment, and Deportation Defense

We offer our services in many languages, including ArabicRussianSpanish and Thai. There are many highly skilled workers in Middle Eastern Countries, often in technology. Companies continually seek workers to help them with programming and other highly skilled activities. There are certain professions that can more easily enter the U.S. on a work visa. We keep up-to-date on all recent changes and requirements so that we can answer your questions and advise you correctly.

If you are seeking an employment based visa, we can move forward and help you to pursue your visa so you can legally live and work in the U.S.A. Families deserve to stay together. Many Middle Eastern families have relatives that still live in their home country, and need help getting into the U.S. legally. Whether your relative is a child, sister, brother, parents or other, we can advise you of how the process works, what can be expected, and we can work with your relative to help them to pursue a green card in the U.S. so that they can be a part of your life and gain the advantages that the country offers its citizens.

Experience Makes the Difference in Immigration from the Middle East

We bring years of experience to the table, and are very familiar with working within the immigration system to get results for our clients. Whether you are seeking naturalization, are pursuing non-immigrant visas, an EB5 visa or are facing deportation and removal, we urge you to contact our firm. Our can serve you in the capacity of deportation defense whether the case involves criminal charges, illegal entry into the U.S. or other issue that has come under the scrutiny of the immigration authorities. These can be frightening times, and it is advised that you contact us immediately if you have been arrested or a family member is being held by the U.S. federal authorities.

Our firm has over 12 years of experience in handling various immigration issues throughout the U.S. and abroad. We have gained prominence as an immigration law firm through our hard work and success on behalf of our clients from all over the world, including those countries in the Middle East. We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice regarding your situation at any time and without any financial obligation or commitment on your part. Contact our firm today to discuss your situation, and to learn more about how we can help you.